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We’ve been providing quality product and exceptional service to several different industry sectors since 1976. Whether it’s flanges, fittings or valves we can supply what you need for your project.

Appletons Flanges, fittings and valves
Appletons Work in the Water, Utilities and Irrigation Sector

Water, Utilities and Irrigation

We’re the leading supplier in flanges, fittings and valves in New Zealand, with our products being ideal for the water sector including utilities and irrigation. Our product range will service the 3W’s too: Potable (Drinking Water), Stormwater and Wastewater.

Appletons Work in the Pulp and Paper Sector

Pulp and Paper

Our manufacture of flanges has been used by the Pulp and Paper sector for many, many years.

Appletons Work in the Dairy Sector


The dairy industry heavily uses our manufactured flanges.

Appletons Work in the Food and Beverage Processing Sector

Food & Beverage Processing

Our customised flanges are perfect for processing plants such as those used by the food and beverage industries.

Appletons Work in the Wastewater Treatment Sector

Wastewater Treatment

While we supply product to wastewater treatment plants, we also manufacture flanges for this sector.

Appletons Work in the Oil and Gas Sector

Oil and Gas

The neck rings we manufacture on site, are popular in the oil and gas sector.

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