New Zealand’s leading supplier of flanges, fittings and valves.

We’ve been providing quality product, reliable delivery times and exceptional service since 1976.

Appletons Flanges, fittings and valves

Your Trusted Partner for Quality Product

We supply Flanges, Fittings and Valves which adhere to New Zealand and International standards and are HIWA's exclusive agent distributor for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Product is what we supply, service is what you get! Our team have extensive product knowledge and can provide you with options to suit your specs. We also pride ourselves on our prompt response, lead and delivery times.

Appletons Flanges


Our wide range of flanges and our ability to manufacture (for project work and one-off jobs), means we can cater for all your flange needs.

  • Extensive stock of carbon, stainless steel and galvanized flanges
  • Short notice manufacturing of flanges and pressed neck rings
Appletons Fittings


We’ve got a large range of fittings including Couplings/Gibaults, Flange Adapters and Dismantling Joints. Our team will find a product to match your requirements.

  • Large selection of fittings and sizes
  • Fittings suitable for the water industry
Appletons Valves

We stock a range of valves including Butterfly Valves, Sluice/Gate Valves, Air Valves and Check Valves.  We listen to what you need and provide product solutions.

  • Product selection to cover all applications in water systems
  • Great range of sizes available
Juliet Levers from Appletons
Service is at the core of everything we do

Since our inception in 1976, service has always been at the heart of our business.   We’ve got a great reputation in the industry and being a family run business, we operate with those key family values at the forefront.

We value relationships and we take the time to get to know our customers and they get to know us too! Given our flat tiered structure, our customers reap the benefits of dealing with the same people each time they make contact with us.

  • We're available for you when you need us
  • Quality Management is key for us. We're certified ISO 9001
  • Our team are product experts and excellent communicators

We're here to help

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